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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Confirmation

     I woke up this morning excited-- rare for a Monday morning.  I found the idea of looking for things to be grateful for, a challenge of sorts.  Maybe this is bad, but I feel more motivated to look for things I'm thankful for when I'm going to be writing these things down.  Not because people may see them, but because I know that I've set this goal for myself to blog about these things.  The blog will be as lively as my gratefulness, so that's a bit of motivation.  Again, I'm not out here to gain lots of views, but it would be great to inspire others to be thankful for all that God has given!
     Anyhow, it wasn't long before-- ten minutes after waking up-- that I began to doubt this little "mission" of mine.  Perhaps God hadn't suggested the idea after all.  Then, I began to read my Girlfriends in God devotional for the day (CLICK THE LINK TO READ IT.) and guess what it was all about: gratitude!  I love how God speaks like that!

God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3 KJV).

     So, today I'm really grateful that he speaks to me like that, and loves to give me such joy!  That goes along with the verse I've been memorizing this week:

He will fill your mouth with praise.  Shouts of joy will come from your lips.   (Job 8:21)

     That was spoken to Job during a very hard time, and he had to take a leap of faith to trust God.  That's what this blog is.

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