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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A-Z of Me: Letter "E"

What are my three essential items?

1. My Bible
Yes, I am aware that people go without their Bible in extreme situations (ex. captured martyrs, ect.)  But if it's all the same to you, I'd like to keep mine please.  Not only is it vital to my well-being in so many ways, but if I were to live with only three possessions: You'd better believe I would need this one.  Besides being the guidebook for my life, my Bible has so many notes written in it about where I've been and how far I've come.  The highlighted spots and scribbled messages are markers of different periods in my walk of faith.

2. A pen and (giant) notebook
If pens and notebooks can be bought in a bundle, I think it qualifies as one item.  I'm doing the list so I figure I can stretch the rules a bit.  Anyway.... I love to write.  Love it.  It is one of the chief ways I express myself, and I would go crazy if I could not write down how I feel, my experiences, what God is showing me, stories and anything else that flies through my head.  I've come to find that writing is cathartic for me, and while I may not always produce "worthy" pieces, my writing serves to remind me of my past, much like my Bible.  I can look and see what was important in my life, how I was growing or struggling and the extent to which I've grown.

3. Indestructible running shoes
To preface this point, I have to remind you that running shoes become worn out after only a few months of use.  For that reason, these "magical" shoes would have to have indestructible soles that didn't wear down-- causing injury.  In the same way that writing is cathartic, running has a way of clearing my brain and bringing me back to the simple joy of letting go.  I know I could very well survive-- and thrive-- without running in my life.  But I also know that I feel God's joy when I run and I have a sense of freedom that can elude me in other areas of life.  I think running shoes are a must, if I wanted to be able to continue running without some terrible injury.


     There you have it.  If I were trapped on some island, with only three things: I think these would be my essential items.  Perhaps I'm missing some glaringly obvious item, but these three things jumped out at me.  Aside from the practical things like water filtration or a working GPS, I'd say my three essential items would very much aid in my survival-- but probably in the emotional and spiritual sense more than the physical.
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