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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The A-Z of Me: Letter "D"

All about my dog

     Although I am very biased, I am certain that I have the best dog in the world.  After years of dragging around a stuffed bear to show my responsibility, we finally adopted two year-old Lily when I was in middle school.  It was around the same time my parents split up, and I gratefully clung to Lily as my confident and playmate when everything else was out of control.  
     Lily, a chocolate lab, is a petite 50 lbs.  But don't let that fool you.  She never fails to find a Clif Bar that is left out or-- in one instance-- an entire 6-pack of blueberry bagels.  
Mom dressed her up for my birthday this past week :)
     I take Lily walking, running and swimming-- as she enjoys all three.  She is also the object of affection for the two children I nanny during the summer.  They constantly ask when they can see Lily again and how Lily is doing.
     Although she is a bundle of energy and great with kids, Lily has also been known to comfort elderly residents at senior living centers, where she somehow calms down and takes on the role of "therapy dog extraordinaire."
     She hates vacuums (and the deceptively similar Swiffer), lettuce, spinach, dog clothing and loud beeping (reminiscent of her collar).
      Lily loves sprinting up and down the hill at the dam near our house, making friends, eating Clif Bars and greek yogurt and bananas, snuggling, watching Animal Planet and chasing snowballs.   
     She is special to me in so many ways and I'm missing my little girl like crazy while at college!

She is alert, looking for her toy

And then...she found the toy

Look at that cute smile!!!

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