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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The A-Z of Me: Letter "C"

C: Which chores do I love and which do I hate?

I am a bit of an oddball when it comes to chores-- and most other things.  But, in full honesty and disclosure, here ya' go:

Chores I love:

  1. Weeding: I enjoy the challenge of pulling up a good weed.  Although it is quite frustrating when I spend hours weeding and then they all come back...
  2. Couponing: Growing up, this was a chore at my house, and one that I gladly accepted over other options.  I enjoy finding deals and saving money in this easy way.  Hopefully, I will be publishing a post on college couponing (we aren't talking extreme couponing, don't worry) in the near future.  
  3. Snow Shoveling: As long as I can bundle up in the cold, I love to shovel snow!  It is great exercise and usually a good quiet time with God.
  4. Organizing: Give me a countertop, a fridge, a cabinet, a basement-- anything really-- and I will gladly get to work.  I love organizing and putting things in their place, so call my up if you need some organizing help!
  5. Setting up/decorating: This goes along with the organization things, and my creative mindset.  I love to decorate and set-up for events so that everything is just right.  I still remember helping my mom decorate for my Hawaiian birthday party when I was about eleven....probably more than I remember the actual party

This tool should be widely recognized
by dog owners everywhere.
Chores I hate:
  1. Picking up dog poop: I don't enjoy knowing how well my dog digested those Clif bars she nabbed from the table.  Need I say more?
  2. Taking down Christmas decorations: I think most people find as depressing as cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner
  3. Wiping off dishes: "Ew!"  That's the only way to describe cleaning half-eaten food and strands of hair off of plates before they hit the dishwasher.  Sorry, it's just nasty.  No thank you.
  4. Taking out the trash: nine times out of 10, it is cold or rainy whenever this task needs done.  Thankfully, I have brothers that usually get the brunt of this labor.
  5. Laundry: If only it were acceptable to just live life with a bottle of Febreeze and an endless amount of underwear and sports bras.  I like to be clean, but the effort it takes to get there is what I hate.

     There you have it: the chores I love and hate.  I'd say I am a pretty handy helper around the house, as long as you can take care of the 5 chores on the bottom.  Either way, I do love to help, so I might even pick up some poop if you really need :)

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