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Friday, January 17, 2014

A Presence Filled 2014: January 17

     I haven't forgotten about my blog, but I have remembered what it's like to be a college student after having enjoyed nearly a month with no schoolwork.  To save you from the long explanation: it's BUSY!
     I'm really enjoying my classes though, and this has been the easiest transition yet.  I almost said goodbye to my parents without crying.  The first night was really hard, but I was easing back into the schedule and routing by Monday.  I am amazed and so grateful to see how God has matured and grown me so far.  Just a few months ago, coming back after such a long break would've been terrible hard.  Now, I'm finding that I am enjoying school more than ever before.
     One crucial part in that is making sure I have time to relax in the evening.  It's something I didn't prioritize in the first semester, but am finding is extremely helpful for me.  Taking an hour to read the latest Christian novel on my Nook, watch some TV on my laptop and spend time with God-- before I do so right before bed-- is a great way to transition into the next day.  Rather than stressing about waking up early and starting the monotony of a day of classes, I can focus on God and relaxing with Him.  I've been feeling more positive and better rested as a result.  I just finished watching Fireproof on Amazon Prime, so I'll have to scout out another movie soon.
I am loving this book right now!
Book review coming in the next month!
     I hadn't read for pleasure for such a long time until I started doing so over break.  I'm seriously wondering why and how I didn't read for such a long time.  I think I get in that "productive" mode and think that reading a Christian study book or my Bible is the only good thing to read.  Yet, reading Christian study books takes a lot of brain power, and is something I save for right before bed when I-- as of recent-- grab "Unglued" by Lysa Turkeurst and crack open my NKJV to Psalms.  God can use all types of literature to speak to me, and I'm finding more of his presence in the book I've been reading lately.
     On the same note, one of the best things about coming back to school is leaving my comfortable environment.  Granted, it's also the hardest part about coming back.  However, it draws me near to God in such an amazing way.  As I've started this "Presence Filled 2014," I've been drawn into Him through His quite whispers of love and comfort.  Walking to class in the frigid cold or walking up before the sun are times when I just breathe prayers to Him and he answers with a rush of His spirit or even just a verse that comes to mind.
     I can already tell-- from His word-- that this is going to be a great semester.  The word God keeps speaking to me for this year is "new."  I am ready for something new, ready to step out and risk more to get more of God.  I am also ready to stop the rush of the moment and start listening to God.  As He's shown me the past few days, precious moments with Him are often the result when I choose to give in to Him and not the pressures of this life.

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