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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The A-Z of Me


     I got this great idea from Anonymous musings of nobody special and I think I'll give it try!  I'm going to give A-Z blogposts about some things I consider interesting about myself.  I will post this series every Saturday and continue for the next 26 Saturdays (hopefully staying up to date!).  I got ideas from the blogs: Chronically Vintage, The Glamorous French Housewife and Brought to you by the letter R.  Here's the lowdown:

A- if I were an animal, what would I be?
B- what books am I reading?
C- chores I like/hate
D- all about my dog
E- 3 essential items
F- my favorite foods
G- favorite games to play
H- my happiest moment
I- favorite indulgence
J- my dream job
K- ideas for kids names (not anytime soon, believe me!)
L- my "life" Bible verse
M- favorite musicians
N- any nicknames?
O- a random observation of something around me right now
P- pet peeves (including the words "pet peeve")
Q- all time favorite quote
R- a random post written about the first news result on Yahoo!
S- sibling memories
T- my travel dreams and bucket list
U- an unknown fact about me that you actually would care to know (a.k.a- not something stupid)
V- the vegetables that I love
W- worst habit or personality trait that I would like to be rid of
X- any X-rays, injuries, hospital stays?
Y- something crazy or strange I did yesterday
Z- ziplining fun

I hope you all will follow along with me.  I am far from the most interesting person you may know, but I certainly am a bit quirky.  You might be interested to laugh at someone else's oddities.  I'm perfectly okay with that-- especially if I don't know you!  I'll kick it off this Saturday with my ideal animal.

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