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Sunday, January 19, 2014

A-Z of Me: Letter "B"

What books am I reading?

     Just last night, I started into Ecclesiastes in my journey through the Bible.  I am very excited about that because it is about the worth of things of God versus things of this world.  That's a message I always need to hear!   

NKJV Woman's Study Bible, Second Edition, LeatherSoft - Chestnut Brown/Burgundy  -

     I am also reading a lot of Christian fiction lately.  Over Christmas break, I read The Other Side of Heaven and I just finished reading Like Dandelion Dust (both by Karen Kingsbury).  Now, I am about 100 pages into Redemption, also by Kingsbury.  I highly recommend all three, and you can check out my book review of Like Dandelion Dust HERE.
     I guess I finished all my books at the same time, because I also just finished reading Unglued by Lysa Turkeurst.  I will right a review soon, as I can't help but rave about the powerful message this book gives on the imperfect progress in the walk of faith.  As an emotionally wacky female, I was struck by the relevance and wisdom in Turkeurst's honest and funny tales of her own failures as a Christian woman.  It's definitely a must read.
     Now that I'm done with Unglued, I'm diving back into "The Kneeling Warrior" by David Ireland.  It's one I started before I received Unglued, and am excited to read again.  Lately, the power of prayer has really been on my heart and I really want to grow in that area! 
     As always, I'm reading Runner's World as soon as my latest issue shows up in my mailbox.  I also keep up with all types of news Google Currents and Pulse on my phone.  Both are free and I utilize them all the time to do something more productive than social media.  

     Keep up with my latest reads and reviews as I post about them on my blog!  I'll continue to post reviews, like those HERE and HERE.

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