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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Family Weekend Fun!

    I won't even begin to try to justify my absence lately.  College is great, I truly love it.  It's not a walk in the park though!  I have been so busy moment to moment, that the last thing I want to do when I find a free moment, is plan and write a blogpost.  Although I love to recount my life and my share all my adventures, I need some relaxation before my brain can creatively perform beyond its limit.  This weekend will be a good time to catch up.  I'm planning a post about best running gifts-- and these go beyond the typical Garmin or Dri-fit shirt.  I'm also going to post some more devotionals, product reviews and my favorite gluten free health foods.  Get ready for some awesomeness!  Even more awesome though, was the blessed weekend I had with my family during Butler's family weekend.  Here are some quick pictures to taunt you before I give a full debrief:
Duckpin bowling!  We had a blast.  It was extremely difficult though!

I had one of the most special days with my daddy.  We had so much fun spending some goofy, quality time together!

And then it snowed Sunday night.  I love winter when there's some beautiful snow to hide the
fact that it's freezing outside.

Here was the gorgeous sight this morning I walked by on my way to the gym-- because my bike lock
was frozen shut so I couldn't cycle there.  God does work in amazing ways. I would have missed
this beautiful scenery in my rush!

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