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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Family Weekend

     I don't know how Butler will be able to handle so much awesomeness at one time, but in less than three days: my family (minus the older bro) will be coming for a highly anticipated visit!  It's family weekend, so there are plenty of activities and craziness going on, and I can't wait to show them all around.  Even aside from that, it has been very busy lately, so I haven't been able to blog.  However, I will give you a little taste of some of the fun that is expected this weekend:

1. Duckpin Bowling
Yes- Indianapolis has the only Duckpin bowling lane in the midwest-- and I would know: I gave a speech on entertainment options in Indy.  It's a different kind of bowling with a bowling ball that doesn't have holes and some other changes.  I'm not sure exactly how that will go, but I can't wait to see!

2. Me not sleeping in a dorm room!
I am super excited to have 2 blissful nights in a hotel.  No earplugs, no towel over my face to keep out the light...can it get any better?  Oh ya- no climbing on a desk + dresser to get into bed!

3. Showing the family around campus
There are so many things I can't wait to show the family: the high ropes course, the beautiful canal, the hangout areas, and downtown Indianapolis.

4. Taking my daddy to church with me
I'm really excited to show my dad the church I've been attending, and loving, since coming to college.  It makes me feel a little more grownup, but in a good way that reminds me I'm still daddy's little girl

5. Showing my grammy around
I know I already included the part about showing the family around, but this is different!  I want to get my grandma up on the high ropes course...and in the likely event that that doesn't work out, I want to show her my dorm and the campus.  She hasn't seen Butler yet, so I can't wait to show her!

6. Giving and receiving as many hugs as I need to hold me over till Thanksgiving
I need to stock up on hugs for the next two weeks, naturally.  Don't call me silly-- it's a valid point!

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