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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Week: Running Progression, God's Kindness and

     As I've embarked on my latest journey to increase the presence of God in my daily life, I've been struck by the little blessings he places along the way.  If you need a refresher, or have no clue what I'm talking about, click HERE, HERE, and HERE to read about this awesome adventure!
     After a rocky start to last week-- after coming back from an awesome fall break--I slowly eased into things and have been doing better than ever.  I am progressing in my running still.  It is a seven week progression until I'm 100%, and I'm on week three I believe.  I run every other day and tomorrow I am doing 20 min. running, 2 min. walking, 10 min. running.  Basically, I started increasing the proportion of running a few weeks ago and now I'm backing off on the walking time in between.  It's a long process, but it's important I don't just throw my hip into a 60 min. distance run right away.  Mentally, it is helpful as well, being that I haven't run in so long.  It is giving me an awesome chance to start from the top and remember why I love running so much. Although it's not a walk in the park because I'm out of running shape, I've been cross training very hard and am confident that God has got a super plan for the future of my running ministry.  Yes, I believe that means awesome success.  But it is not limited to just that!  I have grown so close to him in this bittersweet time and I know I will be able to have a special ministry for those who are injured like I have been.
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     Schoolwork, classes, working out/running, rehab and life in general have been keeping me pretty busy lately, but it's a good busy.  I am glad that I am feeling less homesick and more at home and God is opening my eyes to more and more every day.
     For instance, take what happened on Sunday night for example: God showed me kindness through the awesome employees at Butler!  The dining halls usually have great, nutritious food, but I noticed on Sunday night that they were still out of the gluten free cereal that they keep in a specially dedicated "Allergy section."  So, I asked an employee and he said he would go to the back and get some.  Sure enough, he came out with cereals and refilled the containers.  While doing so, he asked me which one I wanted to take.  "Take?" I asked, "what do you mean?"  Through a long and awkward conversation, I found out he was actually serious: he said it was totally fine if I took a box.  I told him which one I liked.  "Good choice," he answered, "I'll be right back."  He soon returned with a box of cereal and a box of gluten free cookies.  He told me to just ask if I needed anything else, and I was immediately amazed at God's love.  I had been asking all day for God to give me someone to bless, and here, in the simplest of ways: someone else had blessed me.  It wasn't about the yummy cereal that I can eat because it's gluten free.  Rather, it was how he went out of his way to not just help me, but to serve me.  Isn't that exactly what Christ did, and does, for us!?  Then I went downstairs where the cashier at the convenience store brought out the sushi chef because she knew that I liked the vegetable rolls, but they almost never had them.  Now, the sushi chef is going to make them twice a week so I have my veggie rolls when I want.  Again, not about the food, but about the servant's heart in these kind people.  I want to be like that!  I want to bring such joy to someone else's day that they can't help but think they are special and loved.  
These aren't in any particular order,
but as you can see: they're about to tumble!

Lord, please open the doors and open my eyes to all these opportunities.  I know they are there, but I get so inward focused that I so often miss them.  But I know you forgive and restore me, and you know my heart longs to love you and your children.

     Yesterday, it was so gorgeous and sunny out that I decided to walk to the athletic training room rather than ride my bike.  You know what I discovered?  That 15 min. walk was the most tranquil and blissful time of my day with God.  I was able to really talk to him rather than just ride my bike as the quicker option.  Then I realized: God had made that beautiful day because he knew it would cause me to walk and that would cause me to speak with him, and he desperately wanted to speak with me.  How awesome it that!?!?!?  He showed me that same love when my daddy took the time to call me yesterday even though he didn't have the time, and when my mom texted me goodnight because she knows I get the most homesick at night and in the early morning.  I have so much evidence of love around me, so many examples of how I can be a blessing as well.  Not in spite of, but because of the craziness I'm living in, there is a need to reach out and show God's love to others.  It pulls me out of self-centered land and brings me joy and perspective.  I might see some of these people only once in my life-- doubtful at Butler, but possible-- and I want that one memory to be one of joy that shows Christ's love.

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