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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back to School I Go

     I haven't forgotten about the blog, I promise.  In reality, I am pressed for time in just about everything lately.  I had an amazing time at home during Fall Break.  I got to hang out with my mom, walk the the cutest chocolate lab ever-- Lily-- walk with my daddy, see my little brother run his first district cross country race, hang with my older brother, see my best friend, visit with my church family and plenty of other fun-filled stuff!  I was struck by how blessed I am to have such amazing people who love me.  I can't describe how excited I was to pull into the parking lot where my dad was picking me up, and waiting an agonizing two minutes to see him pull in.
     Now, I'm back at campus and slowly getting back into the groove of things.  It was a really rough first day, I'll admit.  I was a complete wreck, but desperate for God to show me whatever he had for me.  I've found that college has drawn me so much closer to God than ever, and this was the epitome of that.  I was discouraged by the monotony of everything, so I drew closer to him and saw that he has given us-- his children-- the authority to declare his joy in our lives.  I am getting closer to truly running (I was able to run 24 minutes today!), I am studying at an amazing college, I'm doing well in my classes and I have a family that loves me immensely.  Yet, even without all these things: I can choose joy because Christ is living inside of me.  When I thought about it like that, it helped put my life in perspective a little better.  So I'm taking it one day at a time, just looking at the next step so I don't get overwhelmed by how much time stands between me and another sweet embrace with my mom and dad.  I have so much more to tell, and will do so when I find more free time!  Possibly tomorrow…although I never know what the "dreaded Wednesday" will hold.  I declare that I will find the joy in even Wednesdays though!  God, I pray you will open my eyes to all the glory and adventure.  Be my secret place, draw me nearer to you so that nothing else satisfies!

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