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Friday, October 4, 2013

Indianapolis Children's Museum and Weekly Update

Toys from the 1970s
     Like I said a few days ago, things have been crazy (RELATED: What I'm Grateful for on Oct. 2).  I'm still amazed that I'm actually in college.  As I've been learning, there are some pretty awesome perks to being a college student.  For instance: free trips to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  Not only is it  eight minutes from campus, but it's also the largest children's museum in the world.  While my mom says I visited when I was quite young, I don't remember it, so everything was brand new-- and amazingly cool.
     I adamantly stand by the belief that you never have to completely "grow up" in the way you go about life.  Maturing and gaining wisdom in many areas allows us to view the fun in life in a more thankful way, a more appreciate perspective.  I had a blast running around in the dinosaur exhibit, the science displays and the countless other eye-popping attractions.  It reminded me a lot of the wacky science center, COSI, that we have in Columbus.  It was perfectly built for children, with little tunnels, hands-on water toys-- everything that little kids and 18 year old college students love.
     I was already on weekend mode by the time we arrived at the museum last night.  Thankfully, I only have one class on Fridays, 9:00-9:50, so it basically is the weekend by the time I get to Thursday afternoon.  After an early workout and statistics class, I worked on homework and anxiously awaited my dad.  He texted me on Monday asking if I wanted to go to dinner on Friday.  Of course, I replied: "Yes!!! Really?!?!"  Turns out, he was able to swing through Indy while on business and I was blessed with an amazing hour and a half with him.
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     Here's something else about college, you grow so much more thankful for those you love.  It's weird, but the three times I've seen my mom or dad since school began, as soon as I saw their car pull up, I smiled so big I just couldn't help but laugh.  Every time I've seen my parents, I've been so happy that I'm about to cry.  Don't try to tell me that happens everyday when you're at home with them.  I can't imagine hearing your mother tell you to pick up your room elicits a mile-wide grin...
     With my new resolve to look at my purpose of being a light on this campus, I'm slowly moving forward and really seeing a more positive result in the everyday.  I really want to experience more of God in the everyday moments though, so that is something I continually would ask prayer for.  It seems that we are always too far from him!
     He has absolutely put me where he wants me to be.  Although I'm ecstatic to see my family and friends in 12 days for fall break, I also am finally getting into a groove here.  I am looking for God's blessings and, crazily, I'm finding them!  Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your time with your family and friends.  I encourage you to look for the blessings God has brought your way.  Find something so small that it lights up your heart or find something so big that you almost cry with joy.  Either way, there's a mountain of blessings there to bring you closer to Christ.  Start searching!

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