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Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Week in Pictures!

     If there's one thing I know from my years of journalism, its that readers have short attention spans.  Don't be offended- its true of myself as well.  To shake things up a bit, I'll give this update through pictures, since I've taken a few this week.  Do I still have your attention?
The week started by me jamming my finger in a chair....ouch!
(I promise it gets more exciting than that)

 Then I took a picture of my roommate pretending to study.  We felt like real college students!

 It was homecoming week, so I also got to eat some awesome PURPLE cauliflower, courtesy of our "books to movies" theme (where the cauliflower was located was the Dr. Seuss area).

This morning, I went to the homecoming parade and got some candy chucked at me-- in all fairness, I've got bad aim as well.  There was a giant zipline, train rides for kids, food trucks, blowups and a blowout football game to top it off.  Tons of fun for a normally boring Saturday.

Then, life returned to normal and I worked on my speech that has to be outlined by Wednesday (and I have to be able to run through it)...

and I worked on my Irish Literature essay-- rough draft due Monday.  It's a pretty interesting class that I am surprisingly enjoying.  It deals with a lot of language issues, which fascinate me.  Yet, none of that really compels me to enjoying doing the homework... (that's me being grumpy in the background).

     I can't complain though.  Only 4 days til Fall Break and I am literally SO excited!  I cannot wait to be in my own home, my own bed, see my family, hug my puppy, catch up with friends and relax!  Tomorrow should be fun as well: I absolutely love the church I've been going to since I got to campus and afterwards, the team is going to a pumpkin farm!  Sorry..that was a paragraph without pictures.  Here's a pumpkin to make up for it:

Pinkberry Pumpkin

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