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Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Wanderlust Movie in the Makes

     Above is the video trailer for the new Wanderlust movie: "Holy Ghost."  If you're in the mood for some Holy Spirit filled, crazy intense movie watching: try viewing "The Finger of God" or "Furious Love" or "Father of Lights" (Click HERE for a review of "Father of Lights.")  All three Wanderlust films portray Darren Wilson and his crew going around the world to see what happens when God shows up.  Turns out, the answer is: pretty crazy stuff!
     The movie trilogy is a powerful reminder for believers and an awesome depiction for all-- regardless of spiritual belief-- of the true love God has for his people.  When I found out last week that the crew is in the midst of filming a fourth movie, I got super excited!  Each one has been even better than the last, and I can't wait to see the mask of who God is get peeled back even further to see his glory.  If you're pumped like me for the Fall 2014 premiere, check out the promo video!  While you're at it, click HERE to flashback to the introduction of the second film, "Furious Love."

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