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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Movie Review: "Father of Lights"

     "Father of Lights" is a recent documentary, made by the same people who produced Finger of God and "Furious Love."  I loved the first two films, so I was really excited when my best friend gave me the third in the trilogy for me birthday in January.  Regrettably, I didn't get the chance to watch it until last night.  Now that I have though, I am absolutely in awe!
     Like "Furious Love" and "Finger of God", "Father of Lights" focuses on the amazing nature of God-- this one is on the light of God's love in particular.  Instead of telling viewers who God should be or is, the creator (Darren Wilson) of "Father of Lights" set out to see God's love at work, in whatever way that meant.    This means a trip to an Indian witch doctor-- he had recently cursed a pastor who died the next day along with his wife-- as well as many other voyages to cultures around the globe.  The movie is aimed toward an already Christian audience and includes key discussion from well known Christian evangelists and pastors (such as Heidi Baker, Robbie Dawkins, Andrew Womack, ect.)  Yet, I was shocked at how relevant is could be for unbelievers as well.  Understandably, it would seem a little bias toward some, but I see it as an amazing tool for debunking and destroying those misconceptions about both Christ and the Christian walk of faith.  The film depicts many miracles and wonders of God that are all too wonderful to describe!
     No matter who we are or what we believe, there is an extremely beautiful message of God's love for his children presented in "Father of Lights."  There is an amazing passion for Christ springing up all over the world; people who are desperately searching are finding their daddy.  What "Father of Lights" shows viewers is a very captivating look into this powerful love and its impact on everyday life regardless of one's belief in God.  Wilson talks to Chicago gang members, "fire and brimstone" preachers in California, and Muslims alike, trusting that God is going to come in power.  And he does.
     I would highly recommend this movie no matter who you are.  There is something to be gleaned in all walks of life and faith.  Most importantly, "Father of Lights" will shed new light on what it actually means to be adored by the God most high.

UPDATE: Wanderlust is coming out with a new film in Fall 2014!  Click HERE to read more about it!!!

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