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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Placement test completion

     I have no room to complain: the stress of choosing a college is out of the way, I only had to take two placement tests, and my teacher lengthened to due date for a huge paper that was supposed to be done tomorrow.  I'm a pretty blessed girl!
     Yet, I was reveling in not having to spend my night making footnotes and warrants, when I remembered: "Oh ya, I still have to take the Spanish placement test."  Since I schedule classes very early-- as in: next week-- the tests needed completion before tomorrow.  I already took the math one on Tuesday, but put the Spanish one off in order to use some study materials my AP Spanish teacher gave me.  All in all, it was hard, but not nearly as hard as I'd thought.  I think I did pretty well, and I'm hoping that it'll save me some money down the road.  I plan to study Spanish on through college, and although my AP test score will impact what classes I actually take next year, this placement test is important in case I don't get a 4 or 5 on the AP test like I'm aiming for (not a 5.  Goodness no: I'm aiming for a 4.  Gotta be realistic here!)
     This lovely test that summarizes five years of studying and learning Spanish, had to be completed tonight, and it was an hour long...  Now, I wouldn't say I have senioritis, but an hour long test when I'd been celebrating not having to stress, was not appealing.  At all.
     I did it though!  It makes me even more excited to think that I'm that much closer to attending the college that I love and that I know God has chosen for me.  Although it's still very scary, it's also exciting.  I am super thankful that I'm done with those placement tests though.  Oh my goodness, I am thankful I don't have to do more than two!

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