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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lessons from a long run

     I set out today for a run in the freshly fallen snow.  I've recently been reading Born to Run by Chris McDougall, so I am at the height of running inspiration, basically.  Yet, I had a few things going against me: 1. I'd left my shoes at my dad's and was wearing old running shoes and, 2. I didn't have my inserts that prevent against overpronating.  I had my Yak Trax on though (they are a necessity for all runners who experience snow!)  and was ready to go.
     First of all, I learned that running in old shoes doesn't work so well-- it's pretty obvious, I'm aware.  I'm telling you though, because its necessary to understand that to understand the real lesson I learned today: Don't pop a blister in the middle of a run.  Ya...I was the stupid runner who did that today.
     I was planning to go about seven miles for a shorter distance run, but was only three miles in when I started to feel the blister.  I get them sometimes, but usually don't even notice until I'm done.  For some reason, I was sure that the reason it was hurting was because I was bleeding.  So, I stopped to check and saw the blister.  I kept running for another mile until I couldn't take it anymore.  Without disgusting you or being too graphic, it was a pretty bad blister.  So I popped it.  Then my sock came off and my foot slipped into a muddy pile of snow.  Then I shoved my foot back into my shoe only to find that my shoe was also full of ice.   My poor, icy, damaged foot was aching to even walk on.  That's when it dawned on me: that probably wasn't the best idea...
     At first I couldn't even walk on it, but I limped along until I built up a little pain tolerance-- I just kept thinking how wimpy my whole story was: "Ooooh poor me.  I stopped my run because I had a blister!-- and then was getting sick of walking.  At times like these, although I haven't had another one quite like that, I think of my competition.  That's what pushes me the extra bit.  With that in mind, I started to run again, thinking: "'so and so' isn't toughening up like you are right now.  They aren't running in the deep snow with a popped blister!"  Yet I couldn't help but laugh when I then thought, "Well...'so and so' wasn't stupid enough to get themselves in that situation!"   True true...but I did learn a lesson and have a good laugh about it afterwards.  So in case you're still wondering: don't pop it during the run.  Just keep on going and save your dignity.

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