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Monday, March 11, 2013

Back to to the track

     I went to bed last night with a funny comparison to Christmas Eve.  It was no normal night because today my friends, was the first day of the 2013 Track and Field season.  I'm pretty sure that I have never been so excited for track season to start.  In fact, as dorky as it sounds, I actually dreamed I was walking around school telling anyone who would listen, just how excited I was about track starting.  Turns out, my dream came true!
     I view this a total gift from God.  I was just asking him yesterday actually, to give me some confirmation, some word that he is with me in this season.  I believe he spoke to me by causing me to be overwhelmingly excited.  I know that with him on my side, this is going to be a season to remember.  I found a verse while reading through 2 Samuel last month that was so impactful on me, and I think will be a driving force in the way I carry myself and compete this season:

2 Samuel 18:23

New International Version (NIV)
23 He said, “Come what may, I want to run.”
So Joab said, “Run!” Then Ahimaaz ran by way of the plain[a]and outran the Cushite

The context behind this verse, is that a soldier in David's army named Ahimaaz (pronounce that how you will, haha) wanted to tell David that the army had just defeated David's rebellious son, Absalom.  However, David had not wanted his son to be killed under any circumstance.  It seems that Ahimaaz doesn't understand this fact.  In my head, I picture him full of excitement at the battle won.  He is strong and bursting with "good" news he wants to share with the king.  The leader of David's army, Joab, says no to Ahimaaz.  He knows that David will be upset at such news and it won't bring the reward or joy that Ahimaaz thinks it will.  But here's what i love-- verse 23: where Ahimaaz says, "come what may, I want to run."  He wants to be part of the great thing that is happening. He wants to bear the news, to be the messenger.  He wants to go to the king.
     That is how I want to run this year, and all years to come.  I want to be like Ahimaaz, not concerned about myself but focused on being part of what God is doing.  Ahimaaz is blessed with speed and he is given what he wants, an audience with King David.  Although it isn't good news in this case, we can pull out the lesson that we need to be just as excited to be part of what God is doing, regardless of what we think it means for us.  Come what may, I want to run for God this season.  I dedicate it all to him, because he has given me the passion and he's given me the drive.  I want to run for him.