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Friday, March 22, 2013

Bloomington, Indiana

    This year, my little brother, mom and I took a slightly strange approach to spring break.  We are going to take a larger family vacation this summer when my older brother can go, so we decided to drive to Indiana and do some hiking.  Now the hiking part isn't going to work so well with a looming snowstorm!  We've re-routed to Mammoth Cave, KY.  In a cave, it doesn't matter if it's snowing 5-9 inches: you're underground.
     We went to Indiana University today though, because my mom is an alumni and anxious to show us her sorority and relive those "glory years."  I really had no idea how big the campus would be, even though I've toured both Michigan State and University of Michigan's campuses.  I took a great run around campus though.  (RELATED: Unforgettable runs: Indiana University, IN)
Bloomington, Indiana
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     It was really pretty though because the weather was a lot warmer then it was predicted today, and it was great weather to explore around and see Bloomington as well.  There was a quaint little town square, but we mainly stayed on the main campus area.  Anyway, just wanted to debrief after day 1 and I will hopefully blog tomorrow as we start some hiking fun!

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