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Friday, March 29, 2013

Already planning for Peru

     I don't have any plan to go to Peru anytime soon.  Nor do I have the finances to do so.  However, it is never too early to do some planning and inspiration.  After all, I want to be ready to go travel the world at a moment's notice, and until I can do so: I want to know about as much of the world's sites and destinations as I can!
     Yesterday I was thirty minutes in to a travel reading binge, where I was just sure that the next page I flipped on my moms iPad would be a better travel story.  I just couldn't stop!  Good thing I didn't though, because when I got to Monday's travel articles (this was all on the Flipboard app), I saw an intriguing article called, "World's Best Treehouse Hotels." (click the title for a link to the original story)  Alas, I just now noticed on the original article that the cost is $460 in the summer-- not sure if that means our summer or when it's summer in Peru...Either way, that's a lot of money.  It's on my bucket list though, so I will get there one day!  What better way to experience the Peruvian Amazon then to sleep among the trees.  

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