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Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Running Motto

This will make more sense if you read my earlier post: God speaks through tears (and frozen computers):

I run for you.
You- that’s it.
Not for times, nor medals- and not the glory that I get
Cause they do give glory, and it can be nice
To hear the praises, to be lifted high
But the reality is, that praise is to you
What can I do on my own, cause this is stuff I cant do!
So when they say that I’m fast and my ego roars inside
My challenge is to direct the praise to you, I’m just along for the ride!
Thanks to you, I can race- cause I love to compete
Thanks to you, I can run- cause there’s something about letting my legs free
Something about getting out there God- just you and me
But that Satan’s a schemer, and he doesn’t just quit
Around that time, the doubt sets in
What if I’m not good this time?  What if I do bad?
And I either entertain it, or I get downright mad!
But he keeps on lying: cause what if I fail?
What is the best of my season is now, and then its all downhill?
And its funny now, to think of it all
Because , firstly those are lies- beckoning my fall
He comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy
Well I for one, am not leaving my door open wide
Second of all, even if they were true…
I don’t run for the success God, I run for you
I pray that every race I can dare
To achieve the purpose for which you’ve placed me there
Now, it may be to win…. or to lose the whole race
Giving you glory in how I carry myself when there are tears on my face
The world wants to see how I can react in all things
So I will forge ahead with the light, and I will be carried on your wings
Now I fully believe though, that you gave me that dream
A vision of me running 7th in the state meet, it would seem
So I hold on to that promise, and I take it in my heart
All the while knowing, that’s not where my hope would start
It starts in knowing who my God is
Regardless of results or injury- he is who he is
If I am wrong, then so be it indeed
Ill race as long and as hard as you want from me
At the end of the day, I cross the finish line
And I do my best, and I have a great time
You gave me a gift, and I credit that to you
But help me to always lay it at the cross when each day is through
Running is your amazing gift and a talent to use
But how I so use it, is my gift to you
Thank you Jesus, and hold me tight in the faith
Humility, joy, and endurance always
Give me grace, and strength to do my best
I’ll work as hard as I can God, you’ve got the rest!

*Written back in early 2012

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  1. Whoa that is really neat! God is so good!! Hannah, I love your heart for God- it's inspiring:)