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Friday, March 22, 2013

Unforgettable runs: Indiana University, IN

     We are currently in Indiana for some hiking (RELATED: Bloomington, IN) -- though we're rerouting to Mammoth Cave because of a freak snowstorm.  This afternoon though, I got to take a run through my mom's alma mater and is was fun trying to find her sorority and find the track.  Besides that, the campus was a lot prettier than I'd thought!
     I started out by the main student union (I think) and headed off going nowhere in particular.  I made my way into a neighborhood though, and started weaving through some streets so I didn't have to run on some paths that required frequent stopping.  Thankfully, IU's basketball game today made for some pretty empty streets for the most part, and that is heaven for a runner!
     The campus has really pretty paths that are even unpaved at some parts.  It reminded me of a labyrinth with all the little mini paths that had been cut into the natural scenery.  I really enjoyed the run as I found myself out on a sidewalk beside a larger street out by the golf course.  It was definitely fun because I get bored easily with the same old running trails at home.  I'd have to say the best part though, was feeling great during the run!  My doctor is trying to figure out what exactly is wrong, but I've been extremely exhausted and fatigued lately, and it has been really discouraging in that it has led to some heartbreak and a lack of desire to run.  It just isn't that fun when everything hurts so bad.  I have learned though how to glorify God in such a different way in my running.  Enough with my sidetracking though!  I had a joyous run and I won't forget running down the sidewalk and reveling in the fact that I was really enjoying it.

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