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Friday, March 22, 2013

Strangeness at the stoplight

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     I'm sure without me even mentioning what I saw this week at a stoplight, you have your own memory come to mind.  Cue the image of the grown man picking his nose or the diva letting loose with an ancient rap song.  I don't mean this all to be condescending either, as I can't even imagine the strange things people have probably seen me do in the short time I've had my license.
     I can guarantee you however, that you have never-- and will never-- see me sitting at a light taking pictures of myself.  That's not all of it either.  (*Just to disclaim, I am totally not making fun of this woman.  She is anonymous and I am merely pointing out the funny occurrence I saw.  Not meant to be mean!)
     So I was sitting at the light and glanced back at the big fancy Lexus behind me.  The driver was a young blonde.  I chuckled a bit though when I saw the dog on her lap.  I also realized that she was talking to it, as no one else was in the car and she wasn't on the phone.  As they conversed, she kept squeezing the dog with little hugs, and this was not a tiny chihuahua mind you.  It was a medium sized dog that looked like a poodle or cocker spaniel.  It was big enough that it covered the wheel, and the poor young woman was straining to even see if the light was still red.  But she did, and when she made sure it was, she pulled out her iPhone.  I then watched in amazement as she began snapping pictures of her and her dog.  How cute (and hilarious) is that!  It just about made my day and I found myself freakishly smiling along as she took pictures.  I was so busy staring and smiling that I didn't notice at first when the light turned green.  She was so busy making "Kodak moments" that she didn't honk at me either.  Alas, I finally glanced up and started to drive again.  I almost wanted to apologize for interrupting my Lexus friend and her over-sized lap dog.  Then I realized: there's another light ahead.

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