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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why God loves me

   I've been thinking, and here are the best reasons I can think of for God loving me:

1. I go to church
2. I obey my parents 68.4% of the time
3. I usually do all my homework and get great grades
4. I can run a 10:56 3200 m
5. I've "suffered" for the Gospel when people think I'm weird for believing it (Can you tell this is sarcastic yet!?)
6. I trusted him through divorce and anorexia
7. I can twitch my nose in a strange fashion
8. I rely on God when walking through automatic doors, of which I am afraid (still can't tell!?)
9. I love Ostriches! (God put them in the Bible, therefore he loves them, therefore: we are super alike!  RELATED: Ostriches)
10. I go to church
11. SUPERCEDES ALL FAILURES OF #s 1-10:  He is God.  He loves because of who he is, not because of me!!!!

Thank you so much Lord!  I am so grateful that I don't have to rely on my own good deeds or my own atonement.  You have paid it all.  Thank you for dying for me, and for rising again.  Help me to love you more, to cling to you more and to lean on you more in everything, knowing that you forgive me when I fall short.

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