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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A new season

     I'm looking outside and grimacing at the snowflakes falling down.  Excuse me?  Is it not March now?  I'm not here to complain though.  What I'm here to say is how excited I am for this spring, regardless of weather.       It's crazy to say, but in less than three months, I'll be out of high school.  For good.  Everything has gone by so crazy fast, and although I am so excited for the next step, it's a lot to process.  The biggest thing I think, is wanting to leave a mark.  I don't say that in a haughty way, but in an honest and sincere way.  I want to have utilized the time I had in high school to bless others, make a move for God, and grow further into the woman I was meant to be.
     Granted, I've messed up numerous times-- probably more than times I've gotten it right-- but I've learned so much.  I've learned that God has equipped me.  Just like Robert reminded me last week (RELATED: Robert), I am prepared to face all that God has set before me.  I know change is coming, and I can either freeze up and embrace it for good.  Easier said then done, right?  Yet, I'm going for it.  I keep hearing people say that college is "the best years of your life."  Well, I'm adamant on having many good years throughout my life, but college can be four of them.
     Just next month, I will go for early registration and meet my academic counselor, ect.  Crazy!  When did I   grow from a bewildered freshman to a bewildered senior!?  God's timing is good though, and I know that these bittersweet last months and registration will be my way of slowly opening up the door to the next part of my life.  I don't have to set my mind to making it great either-- God has shown me his goodness and he will make my transition and next step the way he sees fit.  I'm pretty sure he seeks to bless us, right.  So, I put my hope in the Lord and slowly begin to prepare for what's coming: another great adventure.

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