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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The quiet whisper


    Today, I woke up with a go-at-it attitude and a smile.  Naturally, I'm a morning person, so I jumped out of bed and I told myself: "Hannah, you're gonna make this a great day!"  As cheesy as that sounds, it's basically the truth.  I enjoy pumping myself up before heading off to school....for 6 listen to people tell me what to learn...and give me homework.  Ya-- sometimes,  a girl needs a little pumping up.
     Anyhow, I've been praying lately that God will use me more in everyday life and that I, in expectancy, will be more deliberate about how I go about my day.  Retaining that thought, and my gun-ho attitude, I strolled out the door, and absolutely went from a determined bright eyed student to a disappointed teen.  My morning went mostly like this:

1. I got in the car and immediately thought: "It's raining.  I hate it when it's cold and rainy."
2. I was running late for school, which always stresses me out!
3. I walked into first period, where I got back the quiz that I had studied for during the entire weekend.  I received a BAD-- as in: extremely bad-- grade.
4. I walked into my next class, just to find out that I did BAD-- slightly less bad than the first incident-- on an essay.

...To be honest though, that's where it all stopped.  I saw that grade and gritted my teeth, realizing that if I didn't take control of my emotions quickly, the rest of the day would be downhill.  It had nothing to do with the circumstances either; it had everything to do with how I chose to view my day and find the blessings.  
     Today, I was grateful that we watched a movie during one class-- no one can grade me on my movie watching skills, especially when it's actually interesting.  I think the best part of my day was when I was just doodling before class and I wrote out "God, your grace is AMAZING!"  A song that I love, but haven't listened to in a while, came to my head:

Your presence is Heaven to me
Your presence is Heaven to me

Singing, Oh Jesus
Oh Jesus
Your presence is Heaven to me
Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus
Your presence is Heaven to me

     In that single moment, God softly reminded me that he is with me.  I often complain that I don't hear enough from God, but that instance drew me back to the fact that he is always speaking.  The question is if I am listening.  That precious song is about the whisper of God, the gentle voice that says, "I love you."  Even on days where I want to start listing the "bad," that whisper reminds me that I have no right to define what is good or bad.  It's in his hands.  I'm still learning to be grateful for that whisper.  To me, a loud voice seems much easier, yet the quiet voice of God shows his gentle love in a way that booming thunder could not.  Today, I'm thankful for it because it was once again a reminder that God cares enough to speak to me!   I'll attach the video of that song, and I hope it encourages you as much as it does me.  

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