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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One Hour With God

     Can't be that hard to focus on God for an hour, right?  Even for a little bit, my mind goes astray, but the concept is so captivating.  I've been reading Practicing His Presence, and craving the reckless love and peace the author describes while doing this same "experiment."
     My favorite line so far: "There is no defeat unless one loses God, and then all is defeat, though it be housed in castles and buried in fortresses."
     I long for that closeness with God that never loses him, even in a moment.  While I've found that I am extremely spastic with my attention, I am also finding that truly enjoy the pursuit.  Every hour, for the past few days, I know I've been getting a little better at staying in tune to God.  Every hour, I'm getting a little closer to God.
     It's funny because it truly feels like a "cheat."  If others worry about tests, friends, ect., I find that if my mind is on God, I can just have a simple chat with him and it's all good.  When I'm bored in class, I can talk to him-- though I still pay attention, I promise!
     The point is not to sit at home all day and drill a hole in my Bible with godly focus.  Rather, we are called to bring God into every moment.  For he turns every moment-- even the less enjoyable ones-- into blessings.  We don't even have to wait for these times to become blessings, he makes them blessings within the struggle and pain.
     As Practicing His Presence suggests, start with an easy hour in your day.  Pick a time where your attention isn't pulled in a million directions or your talking a lot with others.  Then, try to commune with God during that time every day.  It will be very hard at first, as it is for me right now.  But slowly, repitition creates a pattern and will bring even greater joy.  Try it out with me!

UPDATE: Read my completed book review of "Practicing His Presence" HERE!

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