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Monday, September 2, 2013

What I'm Grateful for on September 2

     I haven't really felt like blogging the past couple of days, mainly because there is so much to write about that delving into it seems like a big job.  It really isn't though.  Basically, I want to write a post about the cool things I'm discovering about Indianapolis, my adventure bike ride to Target the other day-- I've never been to excited to be in a grocery store-- and the work God is doing in my life.
     I figured Labor Day would be pretty exciting, but there has been very little to do, in reality.  There were some festivities out on the campus mall and I ventured out for a little while to check it out.  There wasn't a whole lot I could do though without some friends-- although I did make a few while I was there.  And unfortunately, most of the girls were finishing (or starting) homework.  I finished most of mine on was a lonely nerd for most of the day.
     But I am really grateful for the time I've had with God lately.  I'm learning that my attention span is pretty bad during the evenings, but I've grown fond on my morning walks with God.  This morning, I just walked, sipped my Mocha Mint Tazo Tea, and started singing to God.  Yesterday, I was so overwhelmed that I just kept writing how much I love God and why I love him.  Crazy, right?  Just two days ago I was so angry with God that I didn't want to utter a word in the upward direction.  But he has placed a sense of peace on my heart, and I know that he is doing something amazing through this.  Life won't always be this hard, but it is preparing me for something great in the future.  I was struck this morning by that very fact though: God WANTS to bless me.  He doesn't just care about my "character"  like I often assume-- although the way I act is super important.  He doesn't want me to suffer so I can be a stronger person.  He is using this, but he also seeks to bless my running.
     So then I asked myself: If you truly believe God wants to bless your running and let you run to the very best of your ability and in the supernatural, and if you truly believe he is all powerful and Lord of the universe: would you be so afraid?  Would you not just relax and put a smile on!?
     I think that's a good question for all of us as well.  Happy Labor Day, and I hope you're as grateful as I am for the laboring love of the father!

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