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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Feeling More Grateful For...

     This might not be a good idea, knowing how homesick I already feel, but I think that the homesickness it also reminding me how blessed I am to have to family and the home I do.  I try to always be thankful for what I have, so I think that absolutely applies right now too.  Although I'm missing the "old," I am so blessed with this new life God has given me.  I'm learning fascinating things, I'm meeting fascinating people, I'm learning to be independent and I'm thriving-- I'm the first to criticize myself, but I know it is true.
This is the gnome my brother
and I hide back and forth.
     Today wasn't at all what I wanted and it brought on the homesickness.  It was difficult, stressful and one thing after another.  But it not only reminded me to practice God's presence (RELATED: One Hour With God) but to also smile at the amazing things he has given me that I miss so much in the first place.
     Some of these are silly, yes, but so true!  Here's what I miss the most from home:

1. My daddy's hugs
2. Watching survival/home shows with my mom and/or little brother
3. Hiding my brother's gnome in our ongoing game of "hiding the gnome" (It's been on my fan, his backpack, the shower, ect).
4. Having a bathroom that's not a MILLION MILES AWAY..haha
5. Having a microwave that's not A MILLION MILES AWAY
6. Saturday morning cross country meets
7. Sunday mornings with my church family
8. Flopping onto my bed (and not having to climb on a desk and dresser to get there)
9. Family game/movie nights
10. Long runs with friends
11. Walks at Highbanks with my mom
12. Walks around the neighborhood with daddy
The good ol' college days with
the trusty shower caddy
13. Playing with Lily (my adorable chocolate lab)
14. Car rides with my little bro
15. Thursday night prayer group
16. Wednesday night Bible studies
17. Courier brainstorming and Pinterest discussions with my friend Hannah!
18. Hanging out with my older bro
19. My favorite foods, and not having to go to a dining hall to get them
20. Relaxing and laughing with my old friends and family

But there are also things I love...

1. Reading with God up on my bunk bed
2. Early morning bike rides to swim/workout at the HRC when I sing to God and its just him, me, and the stars
3. Getting to decorate and personalize my new space
4. Texting and calling my parents and friends, and having higher quality conversations in the process
5. New friends!  New ideas!  New adventures!
6. Piggybacking off #5: I'm loving exploring on my bike! It's so much fun!
7. The worry and anxiety about everything changing.  It's changed, and I'm still here :)

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