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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chicago Girls' Weekend: A Little Teaser

     I fully intend on blogging all about my fun weekend in Chicago with my mom (RELATED: Fresh Fruit Market on Campus).  But in anticipation of a busy Monday and possibly Tuesday, here's a little teaser:
 It was so fun to get back to Navy Pier.  I had visited for a day two years ago, but had really not visited Chicago since I was a six-year-old who carrier Kit Kitteredge everywhere we went.

 This canoe sculpture was right by Navy Pier, and caught my eye right away.  It definitely makes a statement, and I can't imagine how the artist put that together.
 Of course, we visited Shed Aquarium.  I loved it!

It was hard to get back to campus and say goodbye again.  That's the awful part about seeing people again :(  But I also found that I was a little excited to be back in my dorm, and that's definitely a good sign.  Hopefully, this week wont' be as hectic as the last, but I know that God goes before me.  Bring it on, Monday (RELATED: Halfway There: A Week of Trials Thus Far)!

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