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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fresh Fruit Market on Campus and a Crazy Wednesday!

     I can hear the whispers of the weekend; I only have one class tomorrow and then I'm off to Chicago with my mom- who I haven't seen in 25 days!  That means lots of fun posts next week about "The Windy City."  Yesterday, I hardly had a free minute.  Basically, here was my schedule:

6:15- Wake up to go down to practice
7:00- Start swim workout
8:15- Ride my bike back to the dorms to grab stuff for class
8:30- Make tea (It was great, one of the most relaxing moments of the day
8:45- Leave for Statistics
10:00- Start on Homework for the day and study like crazy for Spanish quiz
12:15- Finish homework and stop studying, grab lunch
12:45- Head to speech class
2:15- Ride bike to athletic trainer for rehab
3:15- Get back to dorm and study again
4:00- Grab food, shower, do a quick blog post, pack for class, and study a bit more :)
5:40- Head to Spanish and find out the quiz was SO much easier than I thought...
7:15- Walk straight to mandatory athletic meeting
8:00- Go to mandatory athlete study tables following meeting
8:45- Ride bike to stadium for Athletes in Action Meeting
9:45- Pedal as fast as I can to my first newspaper meeting
11:30- collapse in bed after a quick snack

     I'm sure you really didn't need that much detail.  But at the same time, I feel really good about yesterday.  I knew it was going to be absolutely crazy, but after I fell apart on Monday from stress (RELATED: Halfway There!), I was determined to go forth with joy.  At first, I was struggling with the timing of the last minute newspaper meeting, but when it actually came about: I found myself filled with so much joy and singing to myself as I pedaled furiously to the communications building.  That was a God thing, because there was no way I had the energy or external joy to do so.  Isn't God so good!  Anyway, the whole ordeal was really a blessing.  I've always be the type to stress out and get extremely anxious when overwhelmed.  It was a chance to practice the opposite.  I'm also extremely glad its over and that I accomplished it all!
     Today was much more relaxing!  I slept in (sleeping in nowadays is 7:40) and went swimming at 8. In hindsight, I shouldn't remembered the pool closes for a while at 8:30.  So I went to my 9:30 class and then returned to the pool to finish up.  My other class today was cancelled so the only scheduled things I had today were a rehab appointment at 1 p.m. and the mandatory study tables later in the evening.  I spent the rest of the time doing all my homework (yay!), chilling out with some crossword puzzles-- one of my favorite parts about the free newspapers on campus-- and cycling down to the Butler farm market.
     It's the coolest thing: the university runs a farm that students help out with in certain classes.  It is all naturally grown-- no pesticides or anything-- and is delicious and inexpensive.  It's only every Thursday though, and I just missed the time slot last week.  Thus, I was anxiously awaiting today.

I got a buddy to go along and we had so much fun!  I almost went raspberry picking, but remembered I'll be out of town for the weekend and would have to eat them all tonight or they'd go bad.

 So I settled on two zucchini squashes and two lemon cucumbers.  The lemon cucumbers are bizarre.  I can't wait to try them!  The woman told me that they taste just like cucumbers but look different.

I got it all for only $2.75 as well!  It's every health-conscious college student's dream!

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