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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Update



      Happy Saturday All! Here's what I've been up to lately: lots!  I've been buckling down with my classes and had my first test this week.  I'd aced the first two quizzes, so I was surprised when I found the test to be a little harder, but I still think I did well.
     I have been focusing on really immersing myself here at college, rather than focusing on a countdown till I can go home for fall break (although I do know its 18 days).  I'm finding that this has been helping me with homesickness a lot, to which you would probably reply: "duh!"  However, it has been a difficult process for me because I've never been a fan of change (RELATED: I'm Feeling More Grateful Now)!
     I also wrote my first article for the Butler Collegian last week.  I know that whether I write in a running magazine, a travel site, or work with one such company: writing is something I certainly love.  I was excited to take my journalism to the collegiate level.
Click HERE to read my first article!
     Yesterday morning, I rode into Broad Ripple with a friend and we got to explore the area a bit.  That was really fun, and I got a (belated) birthday gift I think my mom will really like.  I'm planning to ride my bike to Rocky Ripple in a few minutes because there's a festival going on today that sounds like fun.  Thankfully, I am caught up-- and predominately ahead of schedule-- in all my classes.  There's also a soccer game at seven p.m., so I will for sure be going to that one after missing the amazing Butler  vs. IU game on Wednesday!
     Other than that, I'm still enjoying reading Practicing His Presence (RELATED: One Hour With God), and I'm finding that it is an ever joyful struggle to bring God into my everyday thoughts.  I haven't been doing as good the last few days, but in all honesty: I think of it as a fun challenge for myself.  How much of God can I bring into my life?  How can I bless others in the process?
     I have a statistics test on Monday and a journalism test on Friday this next week.  For the first time in my life, I'm understanding math and enjoying it!  It feels great.  We are having a review session tomorrow night as well, so I can refresh a little then, as I studied yesterday but am aware that math flies out of my brain very quickly!  The journalism test should be easy enough, as most of the class is a review of my three years of journalism-- writing leads, attributing, inverted pyramid, ect.
     Today, there are hoards of potential students wandering around campus for a preview day of some sorts.  Some of them are in tours while others are just wandering around with their parents, peering anxiously around at the campus.  I can't help but think of when that was me, when I visited for the first time last August.  I sure don't feel any older, but I do recognize that I am growing immensely.  Granted, I was always "the responsible kid," but I'm learning to be independent in other ways. My advice to those students visiting Butler-- or any college for that matter-- is to watch out: it'll be you before you know it!

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