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Saturday, May 10, 2014

A-Z of Me: Letter "G"

What are my favorite games?

     As promised, I'm going to be more regular with my Saturday blog series (A-Z of Me).  This week, is letter G!  I love family games, board games, outside games-- you name it.  Here a just a few of the fun ones I've discovered:


Board Games
     1. Life- A classic favorite involving the ultimate plan for your dream life. I always opted for the "split level" trailer and as many kids as I could possibly have.  And of course: the $100,000 salary if I was lucky!  If only job salary was like that in real life... *sigh*
     2. Awkward Family Photos- I've raved about this game before (RELATED: Favorite Games), but it's just as much a favorite as ever.  You will laugh your head off seeing the Kodak-moments-gone-wrong of these unfortunate families.

Word Games
     1. Bananagrams- This is another game I've already reviewed.  This fast paced sibling of Scrabble has been a hit at college.  I enjoy it because I get so bored with slow-paced Scrabble games.  Bananagrams is lightning fast!

Outside Games
     1. Shark Tag- This was a game we always played with my dad as kids.  Now, it's a hit with the kids I babysit when we're at the playground (RELATED: Babysitting Fun). The person who is "it"  (usually the sitter or adult) can't go onto the playground but must tag the kids by reaching up and trying to tag them from below.  If a kid is tagged, they help the shark and can go up on the extensions (ladders, slides, ect.) to tag others, but still can't go on the main platforms.  It keeps kids entertained for quite a while!
     2. Kickball- The game of my childhood.  Need I say more?

Other Games
     1. Snorta- If making obnoxious animal noises sounds fun, this one is likely to be a hit with your friends and family.
     2. Rummikub- I enjoy putting tiles together based on either their coinciding color or their number sequence.  It sounds a little confusing, but is easy to learn.  Plus, it's like a fun puzzle and is great for a large group of people!
     3. Scattergories- I became obsessed with this fun game a few years ago because it involves fast, creative thinking.  With a given list of items-- a book, a world city, a fruit, ect.-- and a set letter, players must come up with answers that start wtih the designated letter.  More about Scattergories can be found HERE.


     Whether it's an evening with friends or a rainy day babysitting, I hope you'll check out some of these games as great options for entertainment and great memories.  Many, like Scattergories, Bananagrams and the outside games, can be played without the official game as well.  Get thrifty and look up the instructions online and makeshift your own game!  As you kick off your summer, be it with young kids or friends, keep these games in mind for the ever lurking: "What do ya' wanna do?"

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