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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kitchen Concoctions: Super Simple Sushi

     What is the picture above, you may ask?  Well, it's the result of my recent sushi addiction-- which is the result of an overabundance of money I had to spend at Butler's eating establishments before the end of the semester.  The past month, I'd gotten in the habit of having delicious sushi just about every night.  I always got the spicy shrimp sushi that included shrimp, cucumber, avocado, brown rice and nori.       
     Well, I came home last week for the summer and have been missing my sushi terribly.  Granted, I've had it about 3 times since coming home, but I'm still craving it daily!  It's such a delicious, healthy treat.  But it's definitely a treat- each AFC Sushi Roll is around $5. 
     This post is another example of just how far I can stretch a recipe.  Need more proof?  Check out my healthy pancakesomelets or college dorm spaghetti squash pasta!  I sadly assumed I could not make my own sushi because I didn't have: 

1. A bamboo mat for rolling the sushi
2. Sushi rice
3. Sushi vinegar (to make sushi rice)
4. White or brown rice (to make into sushi rice)
    In fact, all I truly had was a bulk pack of mini, dried seaweed packs-- called Nori-- that make up part of the outside of sushi rolls.  It was enough to inspire me though, and yesterday, I convinced myself I could make sushi at home.  No problem.  
     Turns out, it's a little tricky but not impossible!  I found an interesting recipe for Stacked Sushi while scouring YouTube and decided it looked doable.  As you can see it was a bit of a journey- it took about an hour to make- but a delicious one, at that!

1. Nori sheets or paper
2. A type of short grained rice
3. Red Wine Vinegar
4. Sea Salt
5. Sugar (I used Truvia)
6. Veggies or seafood to put inside!

- Large pot with lid
- Small pot with lid
- Tablespoon measure
- Measuring cups
- Wooden cutting board
- Something to stir rice with

 I took the Nori sheets I had gotten from Costco and counted out 16.  They are super healthy and so I figured I'd use as many as needed.  In the end, I only used about 10- and that was generous as I layered many on top of each other.
I didn't have White or Brown rice, only a combination of brown, wild and red rice.  So I figured I'd just use that.  I measured out the serving size of 1/3 cup and matched it with a cup of water.  Per instructions I found online, I let the water boil before putting the lid on.  Then, I cooked the rice at low heat for about 15-20 minutes.  It's important to stir it frequently though, so the rice doesn't stick to the pot.  It's done cooking when the water is mostly absorbed.

 While the rice was cooking, I rushed around the kitchen making the "dressing" that helps make the rice sticky, like sushi rice.  In place of Cider Vinegar or special Sushi Vinegar, I used Red Wine Vinegar.  I measured out 1 and 3/4 tbsp. and mixed it with 1 tsp. of sea salt and 1/2 a packet of Truvia sweetener.

 Lastly, I let the mixture simmer on low until the Truvia grains appeared dissolved.

 Finally, I cut up some cucumber in little strips and prepared some imitation crab meet.  Once my rice was done and the Sushi "dressing" was cooled, I put the rice in a nonmetallic (so it won't stick) bowl and slowly poured my mixture over the rice, carefully folding the rice over itself and making sure it was evenly coated.  I put down 3 mini Nori Sheets and used my big wooden spoon to smooth rice over the sheet and plop down some cucumber and crab meat.  I found that the sheets were a little thin though, so I doubled them up on the top and flipped the "sandwich" over.
     Although I made three sushi sandwiches, I still only used about 2/3 of the rice I'd prepared and had leftover Nori sheets to munch on while my sandwiches cooled in the fridge.

     Here's my finished product.  It looks a little funky, I'll admit, but the rice actually stuck and it tasted semi-sushi like!  The Nori was a little moister than in "real sushi" and my rice clumped together a little, but I would say it was a success overall!  It was a really healthy snack and I had fun making my own sushi concoction, just the way I like.  Unfortunately, I've only furthered my sushi addiction at this point... 
     I confess, however, that I won't eat the raw stuff.  So my hope is that I'll eat enough of the same sushi that I'll get sick of it soon.  Then, I'll just move on to something else I guess.  Oh well!  Next year, I'll be living in an apartment so all my cooking experiments of late will serve me well in the kitchen a few months from now!
     If you are feeling daring, try this recipe out.  As I said, it's pretty loosely based, so there's plenty of room for you to improve and alter as you try your own hand at Sushi making. I'm living proof that you don't have to be good at cooking to make some pretty delish, healthy snacks!  ENJOY :)

(Nutritional Lowdown: 210 Calories, ≈ 8 g. protein, 4 g. fat)

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