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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kitchen Concoctions:Pancakes for the Kitchen Amateur

     Now that it's summer time and my morning consists of a little more relaxation, I was inspired to have a more unique breakfast than my daily bowl of cereal.  So I began researching, and Googling and I found some pretty cool stuff!  I will outline the other quick recipes in a followup post about my little Gluten Free experiment as this is the only one that contains gluten.  Here's how easy it is:

1.  2 Eggs
2. 1/4 cup of MultiGrain Hot Cereal
3. Cinnamon and/or some berries (these are optional)

     Basically, just crack the two eggs and use the egg whites as I did, or the whole egg if you want it to be a little more filling.  Then, mix in 1/4 cup of MultiGrain Hot Cereal.  I used Quaker.   All that's left then is mixing the eggs and cereal up, adding your cinnamon dash or berries if you'd like, and pouring it on the skillet.  I will disclaim that I am usually a mess in the kitchen.  Since I began my breakfast experiments, I've ruined two spatulas, a plastic plate, and two skillets.  Believe me then when I tell you that the recipe turned out great!  As long as you don't cook it in real high heat-- I'd advise medium on the burner-- you should be fine.  The end product is a high protein, low cal, and delicious pancake that is perfect for a small pre-run stomach filler or even a snack.  Personally, I loved the taste and added a little Boysenberry Sugar Free syrup to make it even more of a treat!  However, its a healthy treat you can enjoy any day.

     Simple, easy and only 15 minutes for the whole thing.  So even if your kitchen expertise doesn't go beyond pasta and stir fry: you can do it.  I hope you take some time to take a summer morning soon and whip up a couple of these for a quick and healthy treat.  Enjoy!

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