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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Unforgettable Runs: Hilton Head, SC

     Most runs I do are unforgettable because A.) It was absolutely gorgeous, B.) God showed me something amazing, C.) I was feeling really good, or, D.) An animal attacked me.  After getting to Hilton Head around 2 a.m. Wednesday though, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be feeling great come Wednesday morning.  Yet, I tried to remind myself that I was on vaca. and the run was supposed to be a nice comfortable long run.  In reality, it was anything but comfortable!
I ran along the main road in the center of the island.
No beach for me :(
     This run was so memorable because it was just a complete failure on my part, and I am reminded that things like that are a chance to laugh and give grace to ourselves.  First of all, I was hopelessly lost while trying to get out of the subdivision we're staying in.  I stopped a few times within the first fifteen minutes because my quads were so sore I could hardly run.  I was also grumpy and tired.
     After twenty minutes though, I finally made it out onto the main road, and began my unforgettable run that toured me around the main road of Hilton Head.  I aimlessly ran to the right, with the vague memory that this was the correct direction.  After a while, I stopped to like at a map beside the bike path.  I concluded that the round-a-bout where I was, couldn't take me to the beach-- where I was trying to run (Afterwards, my dad told me that the round-a-bout is exactly how I get there.)!
     So instead, I ran back to the left of our subdivision, passing a frozen yogurt place-- maybe the only viable moment of my run-- and stopping many a time to stretch out and just relax my poor body.  I had just about no will power and no sleep to keep me standing.
     Maybe that's why I'll forget this run.  It reminds me that I may be a collegiate runner, but I'm no better than I runner just off the street when it comes to how my training has ups and downs as well.  Rather than slow down and let my body recover like I knew it desperately needed, I pushed too hard and ended up running a 7:08 ave. pace for my 8.6 miles.  When I finally had passed all the gas stations and resorts and ended back at our house, I wasn't happy.  I was done, but I felt like I'd done nothing of value.  I'd gotten in some junk miles and I'd pushed my body too far.
     But this run was unforgettable because of what came afterwards: grace.  My dad reminded me that although it hadn't helped me, there was nothing I could do about it in hindsight except for learn the lesson.  The lesson, other than to listen to my body, seemed to be grace.  Understanding that I'm imperfect and prone to mistakes and screw-ups is hard for me, but little lessons like this are so valuable when it comes to getting back on track.  Sometimes, God uses some sore legs and a tired body to show me his love.  I believe that's what he did yesterday.  Today, I went out and felt a hundred times better, even with sore legs.  That's another blessing that I'll share in another post :)

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