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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I'm Grateful for on July 3

     I am not loving the Ohio weather since returning from Colorado: rainy and cold or-- like today-- really hot with no sunshine at all.  However, I am grateful that it wasn't raining today.  I'm super grateful for my new laptop right now.  I absolutely love it because I can write again.
Weatherbug's update on today's temperature.
Not fun :(   But I'm thankful
it is warm (that's at least a little in line with my
 "Grateful 2013" claim! Haha
     I'm pretty exhausted due to a long week at work and early morning runs when I haven't been sleeping well.  Grammy just moved in this week-- more on the whole "switch-eroo" later-- and she leaves at six in the morning.  Because of it all, my little brother has taken to showering in our shared bathroom 7 a.m.  I am a morning person, but I also need a lot of sleep, so it's not going over well!
     But this is not my complaining post, or at least not anymore.  What I'm saying, is that I am so grateful for a fun morning running with people again.  I would have had to wake up-- tired-- and run by myself.  Instead, I got to run with some pals and had an amazing time.  We were running at a pretty fast clip and it felt like a piece of cake.  Thanks God!
     I am amazed at how God is healing my body and fixing me up again.  I had gotten off on a bad eating habit-- a constant temptation after a battle with anorexia a few years ago-- but have recently gotten back on track and am feeling so much better.  Some of you are probably going: "Of course!"  But it is really cool to me to see how God is moving as we speak.  How awesome is that!
     I hope you all have an awesome Independence Day tomorrow.  I know I will be enjoying some relaxing time with family while watching my little brother beast it up at a local race!  Whooo!  Go Matt!!!

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