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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm exhausted!

     Usually, I take to my blog to describe how A.) I'm spiritually struggling, B.) I'm physically struggling with running, or C.) I've just encountered some amazing adventure.  Well, I guess today would fall under C, as in: the amazing adventure of life.  Life, however, seems to be kicking me in the butt.
     As I just relayed to my dad, I'm not physically tired.  Other than a terrible knot in my left quad, my legs are feeling pretty good.  Spiritually, I'm chugging along-- that's not to say I'm doing splendid, but I'm leaning in on the right source!  Frankly, I'm just exhausted emotionally.  I've had a long week of babysitting-- yes, I know it's only Wednesday-- and lots going on with my dad's wedding this weekend.  I'm tired!  I half forced myself to sleep in this morning and wait till this evening to do my run.  Bad idea.  I couldn't enjoy my morning because  I somehow woke up extra early and was anxious because I wasn't running.  Then, we got tornados after I got home from work, so I had to wait till six to run.  When I did run, my stomach was all jacked up from the greek yogurt I'd had 20 minutes before...stupid, I know, but at that point I didn't really care.
     Other than tonight though, I relearning to look forward to a long easy run.  So after tomorrow morning's run, I'm just gonna coast through to the weekend.  The kids I babysit want to go swimming tomorrow, which means I get to relax and play in the water (and show them my lacking diving board skills), then I plan to just REST!  Not physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  After Bible study and women's prayer group, I'm going to sit myself down and watch some TV and not think at all!  Sound good?  You can join me in spirit.  Until then, I wish you all a great and blessed Thursday!

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