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Friday, July 19, 2013

Adventures in Babysitting: Boat Making

     I am very fortunate to not have to have a "real" job.  In fact, I'm able to save up for college through nannying or babysitting a couple of kids on most weekdays.  The challenge however, is finding things that are interesting and fun for them to do, while not spending a lot of money.
     One of the biggest hits so far was boat making on the first day of summer.  With no ideas to mention, I looked at their family's recycling bins and had an immediate idea.  I started putting my boat together and let the kids ask me when they got curious enough.  Before long they dove in and began making their own boats.  We decided that we would take them to the creek behind the house and race them to see whose boat was truly fit for the water.  My boat was just a flimsy piece of cardboard with a plastic stick through the bottom that held my flag above the rest of the ship.  The best boat was the boy's, as he used styrofoam from an egg carton.  We learned that day that styrofoam floats much better than cardboard (shhh...don't tell them it was accidentally educational!)
     I hope to post periodically about my babysitting endeavors because I've personally found very little online about active, inexpensive, and fun things to do with kids during the summer.  Just to give a teaser, I'll post some of the things I've come up with like:

- The Summer Olympic games
- Tarp Slip N' Slide
- Bike ride with a picnic
- Kite Flying at the park
-Walking my dog
- Heading to local places near their house.

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