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Thursday, July 25, 2013

On the Road to Hilton Head, SC

I didn't have internet access until I remembered I could get if from my cell phone.  I wrote this Tuesday in the car though, so here's your update:

Here we are.  It’s hour five in the car and I’m already getting a little stir crazy.  We are on our way to Hilton Head, SC, and are winding through the roads of Virginia.  Last night, I spent my first night in the new house.  It was weird because I couldn’t really sleep with all the new noises.  I was up at seven, although I didn’t have to leave to run until 7:45 a.m.
            I crept quietly into the bathroom to get ready and then down to the kitchen to get a few on my energy goos to sustain me for my hilly run.  I was sure no one was up, since my dad didn’t get back until late last night and everyone else tends to be a late sleeper.  Dad came down though, in a rush to go pick up Matt who was without a ride to his cross practice.  I got to say a quick hello before we both headed off.
            I told the guys I was running with that I wasn’t sure how I’d do.  I did my long run Sunday and then went a little too fast during my 8.5 miles yesterday.  Bad math skills combined with too much focus on a good pace, ended up earning me sore quads and calves after a 6:50 ave. pace.  Yikes!
            Believe me, I stretched real well before getting into the car this afternoon, but I do hate sitting still.  It’s been good though because I’ve spent most of the time digging into my college reading book.  I’m amazed at how close college is: 3 ½ weeks from now, I’ll be moving in to my college dorm.  I still have to buy so much, pack everything, and mentally prepare myself for one of the biggest changes in my entire life.  Yikes again!  Still, I’m super excited.  I’m ready to get into college classes and start running collegiately.  My summer running has been going excellently, and today I was feeling a lot better than I expected after the last few days.  I’ve got energy back, and I can’t wait to improve even more as I phase into the cross season.       I told my mom though, I can’t believe everything is so close.  I’m looking at where I am though.  Here, I’m starting a wonderful week of fun at the beach.   When I get back, I’m going to spend quality time with my family, and swapping stories with my mom who’s off in Boston this week.  I guess it’s my time to look ahead with anticipation but also live in the present.  Why does that seem so hard?  Still, I’m thankful that I have this precious time and the amazing opportunity to go to an awesome college in less than a month.  God is all over this, so while I ponder my rapidly-moving life for the next five hours, I’m also going to be praising God that there is a sense of peace in all that is happening and all that is coming my way.  Jeremiah 29:11 is the universal graduate verse for a reason guys!

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