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Monday, July 15, 2013

Hiking to the Base of Engineer Mountain

     This was the hike we did on our first full day in Colorado (RELATED: Check out the first hike we did on our trip by Clicking HERE).

 This was our first view of the top of Engineer.  Lots of people go to the top.  However, they usually do it in late summer when the snow is all gone and they do it with equipment-- its very technical.  We just made it a little past the base, which is where you see the big patch of snow in the middle of the picture.
 There were lots of fun streams to cross!
 This was our view from the top.  We stopped to take some pictures-- and catch our breath-- before descending the very steep slope made of dirt.  I fell on my butt twice because of the bad traction.
 Mom made sure to get some good shots of the huge amount of snow that still covered the base in the warm summer months.  I also made sure she got a picture of me throwing a snowball down into the valley.  Where else can you throw a snowball when its 75 degrees out and its June!?

And here's one last picture of a cute little rock that looked like an alpine mushroom.

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