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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Moving Out!

     Well, I got 12 miles in before church and a room--mostly-- packed up before lunch.  I'd call that a productive day!  I had my long run today, and was doing it solo so I was worried how I'd do.  My legs were tired most of last week, so although I was looking forward to getting up and running today, I felt a little anxious.  The run was great though, and I clocked a good 7:19 ave. pace with ease.  Best of all, it was a great way to spend some time with God before church.
I wish I'd taken a before pic.,
but you can still see how bare it is. Woo!
     I have to say, this time last month I was the least anxious to move to our new house.  My dad had been packing, but I'd hardly touched anything.  God has really moved in my heart since then though, because I've been antsy to get my new room decorated ASAP.  This past week has been especially so, and I am so grateful that the wedding was such a love filled event for me (RELATED: Wedding Day: I Wear the White of His Grace).
     So I have hiked up my packing efforts, and got so much done today already!  I'm taking a bunch of stuff over to the new house and am so grateful for my best friend who's on her way to help me out (Shout out K!)  Other than that, I have just been amazed by how God has showered his love on me this week (RELATED: What I'm Grateful for on July 19).
     I'm going to have a brand new room to create brand new memories and I'm not so scared anymore.  Ok, I am still scared, but its a fear that I can simply brush off to God during most moments.  Although I haven't blogged so much about that personal journey lately, it has been a huge struggle for me and I am so thankful to God that I am able to step out in faith and leave behind the fear.
     My grammy has informed me that my old room will be the new home for her "Christmas clothing," so I'm glad she will put it to good use...I just hope she leaves the life sized Santa Claus stored in the basement.  That's it for now though!  Have a blessed Sunday everyone :)

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