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Thursday, November 20, 2014

November Adventures at the IMA

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is a great place to go when in need of a relaxing afternoon. Better yet: it's only 5 minutes from campus. While I've posted about the IMA before, I thought I'd show you some of the fun I've had there lately.  (RELATED: Matisse Life in Color Exhibit)

My friend and I went last week for an Asian History class assignment and got to explore the Asian art. Some of it was pretty neat!

Then, I went yesterday for my creative writing class. It was really cool because or professor gave us the assignment to go and find a really cool piece of art. Then, we were supposed to observe and write about it for about ten minutes.  

I decided to just let myself roam, instead of going straight to some art pieces hat I know and love. I wanted something new, so I prayed that God would show me something really cool. And He did. Look at this awesome, glass ship that I found:

 See that woman walking toward me in the upper left hand corner? She promptly informed me that I was "too close to the art."  Oops. I guess I just take my sleuthing and inspection job seriously!  "I'm just advising you," she sternly said after I profusely apologized. I had half aims to apologize to the lifeless piece of art as well. It seemed like the ship was very keen on keeping its distance from curious college students like me. Needless to say, I quickly finished my observations after that and headed on my way.

Don't get the wrong idea though, the curators at the IMA really are a friendly bunch, and they make the experience all the better. I hope to return soon to check out some more art. After I write my story in the boat, though. And next time, I'll keep my distance. As Lenny Pepperbottom adequately said, I want to tell that art: "Hey, you're pretty neat, but I respect your distance."

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