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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Who's Who in Eugene: Elite Runners at the Pre Classic

     To say that my trip to Eugene was amazing, would be an understatement.  Not only was it a great time with God (RELATED: Off to Eugene!), but it was a great way to reinvigorate my goals and dreams as a runner.  I've been taking some time to address my health and get back on track and whenever I get in those periods of life, it is easy to a.) Become obsessed with running or the lack thereof, and/or b.) Lose faith and hope that things will improve.
     I have really focused in looking to my identity in Christ and while that's always a struggle, I've been battling more with the second problem lately.  Yet, I am reminded that God has given me this great gift of running for a reason.  He will not leave me.  As much as I love running for God and with God, He loves blessing me in my running (RELATED: Unforgettable Run on Pre's Trail)!  That is why it was so inspiring to see such great athletes competing and using their talents this past weekend.  I saw meet records broken, national records broken and 2014 world's best times broken.  To entice you a little further as I delve into my journey, here are some pictures of the running elites that I rubbed shoulders-- err...stalked with my camera-- this weekend.
     Please bear with me this week as I sort through all my pictures and video amidst nannying and getting back into the swing of things.  I can promise some awesome blogging material is headed your way!
 Jamie Cheever: A Brooks sponsored steeplechase runner who I saw doing a shakeout run on Friday afternoon before she competed the next day.  
 Gabe Grunewald: An inspirational middle distance runner who won the U.S Indoor National 3,000m and is a cancer survivor at that!
 Ashton Eaton!  He is the world's best all around athlete, as he holds the Olympic Gold Medal in the Decathalon.  I also learned he is a very nice, genuine guy who enjoys interacting with fans.
 Evan Jager: American record holder in the men's steeplechase
 Galen Rupp: Need I say more?  I will soon post the AMAZING video of his American record-breaking 10,000m this past weekend.  It was a race for the books!
 Emma Coburn: Pro runner for New Balance and 2012 Olympian!
 The polish high jumper and world record holder, Anna Chicherova.  She was on my flight from Portland to Eugene and won the high jump at the Pre Classic.
 Linda Prefontaine: She is Steve Prefontaine's sister and a really kind lady who I got to meet on Saturday night.  Stay tuned for that story!!!
 Jordan Hasay: A 4'11'' distance running beast!  She's getting a massage after her 2-mile personal best performance on Saturday.  To the right of the picture is the legendary distance coach, Alberto Salazar.
 Here's another shot of Salazar.

Taoufik Makhloufi: The 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist in the 1500m.

And of course: I took a trip up to the famous "Pre's Rock," where runners from around the world come to pay homage to the distance running legend.  Hopefully, you enjoyed this little preview of my trip.  I can't wait to share more about the meet, my experience and my tips for traveling in Eugene, Oregon.  

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