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Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Presence Filled 2014: June 21

     Happy first day of summer!  Unfortunately, where I live wasn't very "summery" today.  The sun peaked out from behind the clouds a little, but stayed coyly hidden most of the day.
     Either way, God has really been ministering to me lately about His unfailing love.  Yes, I've blogged about it before (HERE and HERE), but in case you haven't noticed: His love is pretty amazing!  He has been pursuing me this week as I've flip flopped back and forth: Surrender, control, surrender, control.  I get so frustrated with me until I realize that focusing on my own faults is never the way to go.   As Christians, we don't get to far along the path when we are too busy looking at our faults to focus on God.
     So I've been making an effort to fill myself with Him-- not the crap on the T.V or catching up with Lifestyle News on my phone app, Pulse.  I've been taking prayer walks, reading more, getting scripture inside of me and trying to stay in constant communication with God.
     In life, I often go through spurts where I don't do so.  I don't treat life like a war, a spiritual battle that is swarming all around me.  The truth?  It is.  It absolutely is.  John 10:10 says that Satan "comes to kill, steal and destroy."  As a communications major, I love looking at the particular vernacular and diction choices in scripture, and this is no different.  There's a reason the Holy Spirit didn't say that Satan "is dangerous" or "wants to harm us."  Nope.  He wants to utterly, completely decimate you and your faith.  So what can we do?
     We can stop acting like little pawns for one.  I know I get sucked into that idea that while, yes: Spiritual warfare is real, it isn't really impacting me.  But we aren't just little pieces that are moved around.  We've got power!  We have the power of the King.  That is something Christ has been showing me this week: It's time to man up, get my armor and get back in the fight.
     Yes, it is hard.  Yes, the struggles we go through in life are downright gritty and take all our strength.  But it is worth it!  It's worth it to experience the presence of the King and the joy that comes with glorifying Him.  I'm no perfect example, I'm hobbling along on my own mountainous path.  But I do know that when I get off my butt and start engaging in the fight that's waging in this world, I am filled with more joy that I am exhaustion.  God's love is pretty amazing, it's pretty radical.  God isn't going to let you fight this battle on your own, because He has something invested in this fight.  He's got His own son or daughter out on the battleground.  He's got His reputation as King at stake.  His most precious creation is being threatened by the deception of the enemy.  There is no way He is stepping off to the side to see how it all plays out.  Remember that friends!
     As much as I'm reminding you, I'm reminding myself.  Just as we are unaware of the spiritual warfare around us, we are often unaware of God's great intercession and action on our behalf.

Today, I pray that God's love fills you to overflowing.  Let it be evident in all you do and say, compelling you to surrender to Him and His calling.  I pray you will listen for the Spirit, grow more aware of the spiritual battle in your life and cry out to God for the strength you don't have.  Let Him minister to you, let His love and joy draw you nearer and nearer to His presence in every way.  Do not give up your fight- simply give the fight up to Him.  

     We can't do this on our own, so thank goodness we don't have to!  I guess that's it for my spiritual musing, hopefully my ramblings provide some encouragement, perhaps God is speaking this same lesson to you.  In that case, leave a comment so we can be praying for each other, because I'm right there with ya!  While your at it, take a look at Philippians 3:14.  God recently spoke to me through this scripture, so I'm committing it to memory to strengthen my faith.  I encourage you to do the same:

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