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Sunday, February 3, 2013

My essential applications: all interesting, all FREE

     While I have yet to cave into the iPhone craze (on behalf of T-Mobile), I do have an Android MyTouch 4g that I got in June of 2011 and have since discovered the world of applications.  They have them for everything!  There are games, finger pianos, organizers, price checkers-- you name it.  I've found so many that are extremely helpful, and a few that are a bit quirky.  Best of all: they are all FREE!  Here are a few that I've grown to love:

     Yes.  This is perhaps the website that girls all over the world have dreamed of.  Pinterest allows users to virtually hoard pictures of quotes, crafts, wedding ideas, ect.  Regardless of the fact that I'll probably never check Pinterest in ten years to figure out how to design my dream house, I feel the overwhelming need to "pin" everything I will encounter in life.  It's a fun way to waste time, get inspired, and get ideas.

2. Sleep Talk Recorder
     This crazy new app lets you set a sound sensitivity and then place a delayed timer on the phone to record your sleep.  When the app senses a difference in the normal sound level, it records.  This app makes for laughs after the fact, as you hear the strange noises and conversations you were having as you slept.  You can then save the recordings you like and listen to other popular sounds that other users have posted or are on the leader board.  

     WeatherBug is a very useful and practical weather app., and the best one that I have found in the market.  It allows you to check weather patterns, forecasts, current temperatures, and even how the weather fares for certain activities.  Best of all, WeatherBug is easy to navigate and quick to load and update. 

4. Pulse
     Pulse is the best friend of any news junky.  It allows you to compile all the news sources you like, into categorized pages to read within the app.  This eliminates the need to surf all over the web to see the latest in health, pets, politics-- just about everything (Yes- even fertility news.)  Pulse is so easy to customize, and lets users make an account that can share the same source setup between devices.  This way, I have Pulse on my phone, iPod, Nook, and bookmarked on my computer.  Wherever I am, my news is easy to access and just the way I like it.

5. GasBuddy
     In case you haven't noticed, gas prices are very temperamental   At one gas station, I could pay $3.35 a gallon, but be paying $3.40 just two miles away.  GasBuddy is the united effort of drivers, to get a leg up on the gasoline industry.  This app. allows you to see where gas is the least expensive in a quick and efficient manner.  Knowing I got the best deal on gas makes it a little easier to drain my credit card when I get to the pump.

6.  Fooducate
     This revolutionary app. focuses on everyday nutrition, with everyday items.  While Fooducate does list calorie counts in foods, it also shows things such as sugar, fat, and chemical content in the products.  Users can scan the barcode on a food or drink, or search for it.  Fooducate shows healthier options of the same types of food, and often offers giveaways and prizes for scanning healthy foods.  This app. gives healthy eating a convenient twist, and makes it pretty fun too!

7. Fancy
Fancy's logo
     Fancy is similar to Pintrest in that it is visually oriented with pictures.  The difference is that Fancy is focused more on products that people can buy right off the sight (although it's fun even if your not in the buying mood).  Instead of "pinning" pictures, Fancy users "fancy" them.  Pretty basic, right?  The same cannot be said for Fancy's products though.  One of the things that makes the app. so appealing are the bizarre and amazing products that are shown.  Many of them seem like they came right out of SkyMall Magazine, and are perfect for that person you can never find a gift for.  Not all Fancy products are able to be purchased.  Those that are, go from $15 to hundreds of thousands, and can be filtered by interest and price.

     ChaCha is a great app. to fill the "Siri" void for the Android owner.  Users can ask funny, practical, or downright ridiculous questions and be sure that they will be promptly answered.  ChaCha questions are answered by real people, so the answers are up to date and reliable.  Users can also browse popular questions or questions asked by those nearby. 

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