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Thursday, February 21, 2013

10 things "good Christian girls" don't do

     Like I mentioned in a lighthearted post previously (CLICK HERE), there is a certain stigma surrounding Christians.  Being one of them, I deem myself qualified to speak on the subject.  The problem is, some of us are trying to go around like perfect little angels, while the rest of us are laying low to avoid the heat created by our goody-too-shoos neighbor.  Sometimes, I even find myself doing something that is stupidly insane and think: Wow!  ___ would never do this.  Good Christian girls don't do this!
     The reality is, a "good Christian girl" or really a "good" person, doesn't exist (as I believe).  We're all a bit quirky and messed up.  However, it seems like this is a little known fact.  Either that, or you all are like myself and despise not being perfect.  To break out of that shell, I've comprised a list-- based on no statistical evidence-- of things "good Christian girls" don't do... so I guess that means I haven't done any of all...ever  :)

1. Ask someone how they are without listening to the response
2. Tell someone you'll pray for them without ever doing so
3. Pray for yourself silently when the group is currently praying for someone else (or just falling asleep)
4. Speed in the school parking lot (10 mph speed limit)
5. Clam up and retreat at the mention of: sex, radical Christians, hypocrites, hell, or curse words
6.  Judge people by the intervals between their Facebook status (ex. 1 hr- bored, 25 min- desperate, 10 min.- come on!)
7. Take food out of the microwave and leave it with 2 sec. remaining, which highly annoys family members (I would assume...)
8. Hope that you'll do better on a test because you read your Bible a lot last night.
9. Hope that the person next to you doesn't, because they are arrogant.
10. Give God permission to do "whatever is necessary" to smite said person into humility.
11. Forget the motto that "Modest is Hottest!"

     Any other unrealistic expectations you would add to the list?

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