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Friday, February 15, 2013

Unforgettable Runs: Puerto Rico

     I wouldn't call myself an expert on destination running, but I have been blessed to run in numerous exciting and offbeat places.  To start my "Unforgettable Runs" series of my best vacation running memories, I'm headed back to Puerto Rico.

Vieques is the tiny island on the right (photo credit:
     My mom, brother, and I traveled there three summers ago, set on a week of adventure.  We opted out of  old San Juan, and instead focused on the area of El Yunque and then 3 nights on the Island of Vieques.  Though I ran throughout the trip, the most unforgettable runs I had were on this small, wild island.  For vacationers, Vieques is often skipped over in favor of the big island.  It's no wonder either, with very little amenities tourists usually look for.  For us?  We could care less about the lack of city center, fast food, or much of anything.  That's exactly why we chose Vieques.  Our choice was confirmed when we picked up the rental car (one of the two cars they had at the rental car place) and promptly came across a wild horse along the road.  While in Vieques, we stayed at the Hacienda Tamarindo, a gorgeous and homey inn with sweeping ocean views.  And that, is where I took off the next morning for my run.
     Carrying my phone in case of trouble, I made my way down the road and before long, saw four wild horses in the brush.  Now, I am terribly scared of horses, so I wasn't sure what to do.  I waited for my mom to catch up behind me, and then took off again.  Watching for any other horses (or chickens- also common) I ran towards the beach.  The run itself was great because I got great views of the ocean, and got to see native Puerto Ricans' houses along the way.  One such house was having a little "event" when I passed by.  I saw two of them sitting across the dirt road from their house on fold-able lawn chairs.  They had drinks in their hands and were gazing intently towards the house.  Confused, I slowed my pace and also directed my eyes to the house.  They were slaughtering a pig!  No joke!  In the lean-to beside the house, a man was tying down a giant hog on a table!  His knife was ready, but he smiled as I fearfully darted on my way.  Yes, I made it to the beach and saw some gorgeous stuff there, but seriously: my mind was on that pig!  When I finally ran back to the Hacienda and by the house where the pig had been, he was no more and the people were picking up there lawn chairs.  Again, they smiled and waved.  Very friendly people, but I couldn't get past that bloody pig- as much as I love ham.
This is when I finally made it to the beach that day.

     All drama aside, I will never forget how cool it was to see native Puerto Rico in such a "wild" way.  The water is clear, the sun is warm, the nature is gorgeous- the run was amazing!  I can't wait to get back and do it again!

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