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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

     Piggybacking off of my "Do They Like Me?!" post earlier this week, I want to delve into the wonder of Valentine's Day.  When I was little, it used to be very fun at my house.  Mom and Dad would have thoughtful cards and little gifts, and my mom even made her card by hand (which was a big deal)!  Now, Valentine's day has lost its luster.  It seems like a fun day to spend with someone special...if you have one.  And it's probably a great time to enjoy the blessings in a romantic relationship...if there is one.  See my dilemma?  In all honesty however, Valentine's Day isn't about human love at all.  What would we know of love without the true love of Christ?  I've always known it, but I struggle with that reality sounding too cliche.  How can I accept that?  
     Well,  I did some thinking and I realized it goes back to what I posted last week about wanting everyone to like me.  The opinion of God is the only one I should care about.  That ties into the feeling of "needing" a relationship to celebrate love- or a "day of love."  First, God showed us love by creating us and being with us.  Then, he gave up his son for us, and Christ showed love by dying for us.  
     So today, I am grateful that his love supersedes any other.  I am so thankful that he is teaching me these lessons now, so I am better prepared for my future husband someday.  I will know that it isn't human love that completes me or makes me happy.  Those blessings stem from the father of Heavenly lights who dances over me and loves to be with me.  

Happy Valentine's Day!  Don't forget to spend some time with the one who loves you most!

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