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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hut-to-hut dream vacation

San Cristobal Lake / Windy Point near Lake City, Colorado
Lake City, Colorado.  Ran there while in Colorado
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     Like the nerdy runner I am, I was reading through an old Runner's World magazine today-- Spring 2011 in case you want to take a look in your own pile-- and finally found the article that captivated me two years ago and I've been looking for ever since.  It's called Cabin Fever, and detailed places in the US where runners can run all day from one lodging to another, all out on trails, and all beautiful!  Once I read that, it was sealed into my brain as something I will not die without doing.  I mean, can you imagine: nothing but God's creation, a Cambelback, and an agenda to run.  After my amazing experience in Colorado last summer, I am even more set on doing it, whether it be in Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, New Mexico, or Nevada-- I could go on forever-- I will get there.  Hold me to it!

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